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The Book of Colossians

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The Book of Ephesians

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Silver Jubilee Special
Liberia 2014
Open the Eyes of My Heart - Part 1
The Money Which is Not Lawful
Perfect Fruit
Jesus Christ An Example
The God Who Hear Our Prayer
Where is Your Faith
Life Through The Spirit
Don't be a Fallen
Pr Juxy Mathew at MFGC Salalah - Part 1
Be Exceptional Christian
Unbelief A Monster
The Position of Faith in Worship
Without His Grace I am Minus Zero
Incomplete Projects
Caleb - "A Man With Different Spirit"
Effect of Bitterness
The Healing Touch
Perfect Fruit
Ministry of Reconciliation
Fellowship with God
The Attitude of A Worshipper
Heavenly Anger
A Miracle in Your Hand
Living on Christ and Living for Christ
Arise For Our Possession
Spiritually Not Growing. Why?
Importance of The fruit of The Holy Spirit
Grace is Better Than Silver And Gold