“When Jesus came down from the mountainside, great crowds followed him;,…”

Matt 8:1


This chapter begins with Jesus cleansing a leper. Jesus came down the mountain after His sermon on the mount (Matt 5-7). Matt 7:29 mentions that Jesus taught them as one having authority and not like their religious leaders or scribes. The people around who listened to Jesus’ sermon recognised His authority was different from their religious leaders. The Leper too went to Jesus on seeing Him descend from the mountain. If God has anointed you with any of His gifts, God will lead people to you and will manifest His anointment through you.


  1. Matt 8:1-4 indicates the acts of Jesus Christ was based on the authority bestowed upon Him by God. (1Kings 3) Solomon was blessed with discernment and wisdom in his dream. He heard God bless him that there was never anyone like him before him, nor will anyone like him arise after him. King Solomon had to judge (1 Kings3:16-28)) on a matter where two women who came to him with two young babies- one alive and one dead. Both claimed that the living child was their own and that the other woman was only pretending to be the mother of the surviving infant. The Bible says that all Israel heard of the judgment which the King had rendered and he was feared for they saw that the wisdom of God was in him to administer justice. Therefore, if God has blessed you with His gift or anointment God will definitely manifest it to bring towards you those who need to be blessed by that anointment. God blesses us with His gifts solely for the glory of His name and not for our self-admiration. We should beware not to mix our own thoughts or feelings while professing the gift of God and should be led entirely by His Holy Spirit.


The gift or anointment God has blessed you with will be revealed in the situations or circumstances that God Himself has prepared for you. 1Pet 5:6 says “Humble yourselves then, under God’s mighty hand, so that he will lift you up in his own good time.”


  1. Matt 8:2 “… Lord if you are willing, you can make me clean…” Here the Leper was not doubtful of the power in Jesus Christ but was doubtful if Jesus would want to heal Him. The Leper was confident that Jesus was able to cleanse him. When we come before our Lord we need to ask ourselves if we truly believe that our God is a powerful, miracle working almighty God. The reason the Leper recovered was because he believed in the power of Jesus.


When we go into God’s presence we need to believe that His presence is in our midst. God rewards those who diligently seek Him.


The Leper doubted if Jesus would cleanse him because he knew that he was not worthy to receive such great blessing. Those days leprosy was the result of past sins. He went to Jesus without relying on his worthiness but his reliance was on Jesus’ will. He prayed asking God for His mercy. Further, Jesus Christ tells him not to tell anyone about his recovery but to get himself checked up by the priest so the leper’s recovery would be a testimony before their eyes. It is normally the priests who check to confirm leprosy and categorizes the Lepers as outcasts. As leprosy was considered to be a punishment for sins, the Leper knew he was suffering because of his own sins and hence asked for the Lord’s will for his healing. The tax collector too prayed that he is not worthy to look up to heaven because he is a sinner (Luke18:13).


The Bible says the Leper was made righteous. Most of us go into God’s presence with all our righteousness. We need to understand that our purity and righteousness are like filthy rags before God. God asks Job in Job38:2 “Who is this who darkens counsel by words without knowledge?”. God was rebuking Elihu, whose speeches contained no knowledge. Most of us too follow our minds and decide accordingly. If we are in the dark our vision too will remain dark.


No human in this world, however holy or righteous he may be can ever praise himself by saying that he is doing right with God. Job says that he is a mere human being who will return to dust.


The Leper realised that in order for him to get well he needed God’s will and Jesus said He will. However bad your situation may be if you would go to Jesus Christ with full hope and desire for deliverance, He will not refuse to deliver you. He has delivered all who went to Him. Jesus Christ is the Son of God and was sent to establish the New Covenant. Jesus reveals that He is under the law by advising the Leper to check himself by the priest. By the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ, the new covenant church was established. Although He could do anything according to His authority He would still submit Himself to His heavenly Father. Therefore, Jesus Christ was blessed and He fulfilled all that was entrusted to Him by God.


Hence, we need to surrender ourselves and God’s blessings into His hands and believe that our God is able to manifest His anointing upon us and seek His mercy for our deliverance.


Pr. Juxy Mathew