Commit your works to the LORD; And your thoughts will be established.

(Prov 16:3)


The Titan submersible had lost contact less than two hours after it was submerged. After almost a week since it went missing it was confirmed that the craft had suffered a catastrophic implosion killing all on board. In the pursuit for fame in the field of innovation, it is believed to have ignored all rules for manufacture of the submersible. While research and studies are ongoing regarding the materials used, safety regulation approvals etc., one of the quotes by the late CEO of Oceangate is unforgettable – “You’re remembered for the rules you break.” This quote proves true not only in the corporate world but also for the works we are entrusted to do for God. It undeniably speaks to a christian believer as much as or in fact more than it does to a non believer.


(Prov16:3) above says we need to commit our works to the Lord and He will establish our plans. Work could be for our livelihood and for God’s kingdom. Committing to the Lord means to completely entrust our thoughts and plans to God and depend entirely on His presence and leading to carry it out perfectly. Our work involves a lot of planning, use of references, time management and teamwork and we are confident of our knowledge, skills and capability to complete the given task. Work environments too are competitive to meet expectations and inspire creativity. Stressful work environments may incline one to break rules to stay ahead of others. Such attitudes can result in grave consequences and are considered a sin in the Lord’s eyes (James4:17). At all times our conscience need to be right with God and man. We need to seek our success in God because God promised to bless and establish the works of our hands. Hence it is God’s desire that we work to sustain ourselves and He will provide us with work. Our almighty God should be honored and respected for Him to bless us with the wisdom to use our knowledge rightly. This calls for complete submission to God to lead us and refrain from leaning on our understanding/desire to do anything anyhow. We need God’s favor to bless the works of our hands and establish our plans. When God sees that we trust in Him entirely, He will guide us to perfection and will not put us to shame before the world..


Col 3:23-24 says “Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men…for you serve the Lord Christ”. Here we are reminded that when we work primarily for God whether for our livelihood or in our spiritual work, we experience joy because we do it wholeheartedly to please God first. Our focus on God also humbles us to realize that our success comes only from God and that only He can protect the works of our hands and honor us to be a blessing in our workplace.


Through faith in Christ Jesus we are inheritors of God’s covenant that He will make us a blessing (Rom 4:16). It is God who blesses us with good health, sound mind and the job itself to carry it out well. Therefore, when God establishes us we need to be a blessing in the lives of the less fortunate and also for His Kingdom. One way of showing our love and gratitude to God is by giving our tithes to God (Mal 3:10). By giving tithes we are obeying His commandment and it also means we have put God first in our lives and still trust Him to continue to provide us with enough to live in this world.


When we make God our priority we are placing Him at the center of our lives and He will make us excel in all areas. Our dependance on God to lead us assures us of His presence every moment to direct us rightly and establish us for the glory of His name.


Ps.90:17 “Let the favor of the Lord our God be upon us, and establish the work of our hands upon us; yes, establish the work of our hands.”


Sr. Beena Kurian