BTh Program

MFGC Bible college was founded on 28th Feb 2004 when the Holy Spirit brought to reality the vision of Pastor Juxy Mathew, President and Founder of Maranatha full Gospel Church.

Our Mission

The mission of the Bible college is to provide an effective training program, together with a supportive study environment, in order to train and equip students for ministry within the church and out in the harvest field. 

Batch 1
First batch started on 28th Feb 2004 and the enrollment consisted of 27 students and ended with 21 students on 3rd Nov 2007.

 Teacher: Pastor Juxy Mathew
 Graduation was on 03/11/2008

Batch 2

Second batch started in Jan 2008 and the enrolment consisted of 51 students which ended with 25 students in Sep 2011.

Teachers: Pastor Just Mathew, Pastor Sibi Fransis, Brother Shaji V Joseph.
Graduation was held on 2nd December 2016.

Batch 3

Third batch started on Sep 17th, 2011 and the enrolment consisted of 56 students.

Teachers: Pastor Juxy Mathew, Brother Vinod Abraham, Brother Robinson Roy Henry, Brother Sam, Brother Shibu Mathai, Brother Alex Abraham, Brother Rajan Kunjappy.
Graduation was held on 2nd December 2016.

Following are the course subjects and the duration of the course was 140 weeks.
Tropical Subjects

1) Discipleship
2) Sin & Salvation
3) Evangelism
4) Fundamental doctrines
5) Will of God
6) How we got our Bible
7) Faith
8) Giving
9) Church History
10) Tabernacle

Bible Research Courses

 1) Book of Psalms
2) Book of Psalms/ Life of Jesus Christ
3) Book of Romans/ Exodus
4) Old Testament survey
5) Book of Acts
6) Book of Ephesians and Joshua
7) Book of Nehamiah
8) Book of Daniel/ Revelation
9) New Testament survey

Theological Courses

1) The Parable of Jesus Christ
2) The Miracle of Jesus Christ
3) The Doctrine of God/ Trinity
4) Gift of the Holy Spirit/ Motivational gift
5) Fivefold Ministries
6) Pastoral Ministries