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Bible Quiz – 151

Who was Jacob’s second son with Rachel?

1.  Ruben   2. Judah  3. Benjamin


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Bible Quiz 150- Champs

Sanusha Suresh, Aviyah Anil, Gia Marium Renold, Glory Marium Renold,  Ani Elizabeth,

Donna Shibu

Answer: 40  







Write a caption or express a thought that caught your mind

based on this image (Judges 13-16)

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Beautiful Lord

Maria George

When I gaze at your beauty Lord,

Im utterly reminded of my ugliness

What made you look at me despite

Was I even worth your sacrifice.

You made me so beautiful just like you

I was never satisfied and wanted more

Now look at me with nothing left

all that remains is ugliness

Then I hear your voice calling me

Gazed at your beautiful face oh so glorious

My ugliness fading slowly in you

Transforming me in to your likeness