KIDS CORNER – December 2023



Disbelief rears its ugly head

Threatening to cloud my judgment

While I encounter challenges

Yet again and again

Thoughts of hopelessness

Swaying me away

Feelings of worthlessness

Pulling me astray

Wearniness settles

Deep in my bones

My Faith wavering

Despite my resolve

A battle wages inside of me

I refuse to concede

Desperate in anguish, i cry

Lord, I believe, Help my unbelief



Bible Quiz – 153

Which animals in the Bible speak directly to a human?


1. A spider and camel   2. A horse, snake, and goat   3. A snake and donkey 

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Bible Quiz 152 – Champions

Neha Ani Elizabeth, Glory M Ronald, Gia M Renold, Aviyah Anil, Sanusha Suresh

Answer: Gopher






READ 2 Chronicles 20:17

Write a caption or express a thought that caught your mind based on this image

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