KIDS CORNER – August 2023




  1. Where did God tell Abraham he would destroy Sodom and Gomorah?
  2. What relation was Lot to Abraham?
  3. How many angels visited Sodom?
  4. What type of bread did Lot give the angels?
  5. What happened to the men who demanded Lot hand over his guests?
  6. Who did not believe Lot when he told them that Sodom would be destroyed?
  7. What rained down on Sodom and Gomorrah?
  8. What did the angels say to Lot as he fled the city?
  9. What happened to Lot’s wife when she looked back at the city?
  10. Where did Lot and his daughters go after leaving Sodom?


Bible Quiz – 150

How many sling-throws did it take David to hit Goliath?

c 40 Days         c 11 days       c 7 days

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Bible Quiz 149- Champs

Gia Marium Renold, Glory Marium Renold, Sanusha Suresh, Neha Ani Elizabeth


Answer: One   




Write a caption or express a thought that caught your mind

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