ENGLISH ARTICLE – September 2023


(The spirit that surpasses all attacks)



All of us have heard about HIS PEACE that passes all understanding. The same way, this Transcendent Spirit surpasses all attacks. Jesus walked with a Spirit without measure i.e. to be filled with the Holy Spirit. Each one’s capacity to receive the Spirit is different from the other.


Isaiah: 11:1-2

Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him. The Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding. The Spirit of Counsel and Might (Power of Healing and Deliverance), The Spirit of Knowledge and the Fear of the Lord.


Acts: 16: 27-34

Let us take the example of Paul and Silas. They were Praising and Worshipping God even though their wounds were not healed, their feet were still in stocks and they were shut in an inner jail of the Roman Empire. While they were singing this way, the prison doors were opened, their chains came off and they were free. Even though they were free, they did not escape from the prison. The result is that the Jailor and his full family were saved.

v.27 And the Jailer, waking up out of his sleep and seeing the doors of the prison opened, drew his sword and was about to do away with himself, supposing that the prisoners had escaped.


God’s children should continue to Praise & Worship even when they suffer under adverse environments. Paul and Silas had offered the Sacrifice of Praise in the jail. The wounds on their bodies were not yet healed, their pain was not soothed, their feet were still in stocks. This is the Transcendent Spirit which surpasses everything. They saw God still on the Throne, He was still worthy of their Blessings. This kind of Praise is Victory.


When you pray, you are still in the midst of your situation. But when you Praise, you soar above your situation. But if God takes you above the pain, the suffering and the shame, you will offer praises to His name. They were brought by God to the point where the jail, the shame and the pain were no longer a problem to them. We need to learn to maintain this lofty Spirit that surpasses all attacks. PRAISE enables us to overcome any situation in our lives.


ACTS: 7:54-60

Stephen had this Transcendent Spirit. V.59&60 But he, being full of the Holy Spirit, gazed into heaven and saw the Glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God. Lord Jesus, receive my Spirit. Then he knelt down and cried with a loud voice “Lord, do not charge them with this sin”.


When we have this kind of Lofty Spirit, we will soar above our situations. This Spirit frees us from sin, sanctifies us wholly and fills us with Life spontaneously. This kind of Victory comes when the Holy Spirit dwells in us and we do not grieve the Holy Spirit. We should always be sensitive to the voice of the Holy Spirit. Our God has given this Great Treasure in these earthen vessels. May the Holy Spirit lead us into many such victories from today and henceforth! Amen!!

Sr. Suja Chacko