Have you ever found yourself thinking “I wish God talked to me the way He spoke to His people in the Old Testament”? How will we hear the voice of God? Hearing God’s voice is a great experience in our life. We have to make an effort to hear from God. We have to sit in His presence and communicate with God through prayers then God will talk to us. God talks to us in different ways.

Sometimes we will hear His voice clearly in our ears (I have experienced His voice years back when I was sleeping; I heard a voice to read a particular portion in the Bible). Mostly God talks to us through the Word. Whenever we meditate on the word of God, He will talk to us to confirm us that He is there with us. God speaks to us according to our situation and strengthens us. So Time Alone With God (TAWG) is very important in our life. We need to make time to be in His presence and listen to what He is talking to us through the Word. God spoke to Samuel when he was a child in the temple (1 Samuel 3). He spoke to Moses out of the burning bush and told him to free His people from Egypt (Exodus 3). He spoke to Elijah (1King19:11-12).

Even if God does not physically come to us, we believe that He is always with us, we can feel His presence, He talks to us through His Word. Sometimes God talks through wonders and signs for those who can’t believe without seeing. Eg. Thomas, he told unless he saw Jesus’ hand he would not believe (John 20:25-29). When Jesus came to His disciples, Jesus told Thomas to touch His hand and he believed. Like Thomas if we don’t believe, He will show us wonders to make us believe that He is our Almighty. “I am who I am” the Lord said to Moses. God is trying to talk to us, but in our busy life we are not able to listen what He is talking.

Sometimes we cannot recognize His voice because we are confused with different voices around us. So we need a quiet time with God in our life, which should not be once in a while but every day. Spend time alone with God, tell Him “Lord speak to me, I want to hear from You”. We have to wait for His voice after our prayers. We need to build a close and constant relationship with God. Then only we can recognize His voice immediately. Satan also tries to talk to us to confuse us, e.g. we would immediately recognise the voice of the person with whom we have regular conversation. Likewise we should recognise or able to differentiate God’s voice from satan’s. For that we need to maintain a close relationship with God by meditating on His Word and praying regularly.

God speaks to us

– Through visions and dreams;

– Through a message;

– In our mind


God tells us very clearly in the Bible that the more we seek Him, the more we will experience His presence in our lives. “You will seek Me and find Me, when you search for Me with all your heart” (Jeremiah 29:13). God never leaves us once we invite Him into our lives. Jesus says in (John 10:27-28) “My sheep will hear My voice”

As David did, we can always go to God in all situations. In Psalm 86 David prays “Hear O LORD, and answer me, for I am poor and needy. Guard my life, for I am devoted to you. You are my God; save your servant who trusts in You”. David is confident that God is there to always hear his cries. Yes, talk to Him regularly and be vigilant about what He is telling and answer “Yes Lord here I am”.


God Bless.

Sr. Anu Shaji