EDITORS DESK – September 2023

“They should always pray and not give up”
(Luke 18:1)


September is the month when a new academic term or year begins in most schools and definitely the beginning for University students. Many families too relocate for new jobs around this month so children’s school is not affected. Preceding the above is a phase of indecisiveness and confusion to make the right decision about the school/university/job offer. Ever faced a situation when you felt you are in a hole and couldn’t climb out?


It could be the third or fourth time you were interviewed for a higher grade but you were not selected. Perhaps it must be a submission deadline and you feel confused and helpless to compile the necessary data or you’ve been assigned to a new country or it is a relapse of an illness,…. You don’t see any progression and feel isolated, deceived and remain sad when you realize you cannot trust or expect help from anyone you know. You finally realize that man has his limits to help another.


Luke 18 begins with Jesus desiring us to always pray and not give up. The parable here speaks about a persistent widow who pleaded repeatedly for justice from a corrupt judge. Like this corrupt judge, the management or friend may have appreciated and encouraged you in the past but now you are left wondering what value does all those sweet words or gestures hold when they dint consider you for the promotion. The parable in Luke 18 teaches us that we should not wallow in our hopeless state and delay our prayers. This is the time we ought to lean closer to God, visualize ourselves holding His hands and cry out to Him. We need to remember the deeds of His powerful hands in the past and praise Him and not let this stress hold us back from reading the Bible, worshiping Him or partaking in the fellowship meetings of our church. God wants us to be doers of His word.


Luke18:7 says “….So don’t you think God will surely give justice to His chosen people who cry out to him day and night? Will he keep putting them off? Our God is the only true and fair judge who will grant justice to His children. There is power in persistent prayers. We should not let any circumstances rule over our time and decision to pray because God reveals Himself to us in our prayers.


Ps 18:9 & Is 64:1 says that God will rend the heavens and come down for us and mountains will shake at His presence. The mountains and darkness that shakes in God’s presence are our frustrations or impossibilities. Ps. 21:3 “For You meet Him with the blessings of goodness……” When we make God our Provider and seek only Him, He will settle us with His peace and make us honorable before this world.


Therefore, as you enter into a new month and probably a new stage of your life, keep trusting in God for He will not delay to answer you and will give you what you ask for.

Sr. Beena Kurian