EDITORS DESK – March 2024

…”In Your presence is fullness of joy;…”

Psalms 16:11


We have experienced or at least seen the joy of a child when he/she sees his/her parents either after they return from work or when the child wakes up. The child’s expression here reflects its  feeling of joy and contentment of being in the parent’s presence. We need to ask ourselves if we experience that pure and full joy when we are in God’s presence.

Most of us are carried away by the cares of this world. The morning rush to work, return home to take care of the house and family leaves us tired to meditate God’s word and pray in peace. Arent we actually dissuading ourselves from experiencing the joy that comes from our Lord’s presence? Let us seek God in every aspect of our life, in our decisions, behaviors and be in communion with Him daily as He is the foundation of our life.

In the above verse the Psalmist confidently tells that God will show him the path of life. The fullness of our joy lies in the path of life God shows us. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life (Jn14:6). God’s Word is the path to our life.  God speaks to us when we read the Bible and He directs our way through it because His word is a lamp to our feet and light to our path. At times of doubt or dejection, we have to be careful not to dwell in those emotions. We have to negate those feelings with the word of God. Read the Bible and with your whole heart surrender to God inviting Him to take control of the situation. Thus when you worship God, you will experience His presence. Knowing our God makes our heart glad and joyful. This joy isn’t the happiness you feel when you get something new instead the joy of God touches our soul and fills us to the extent that you are sure nothing else can suffice for His presence in your heart.

From the above its very clear that the path of life God wants to show us is not the one that leads to doors of opportunities that this world offers or expects us to be in. Of course, God will lead us to earn our livelihood and will provide every need for our sustenance in this world because that is also His desire. But the path of life God has chosen for us is to grow in His word and be in His presence which is the only place where our joy would be complete.  The benefit of being in God’s presence is that He fills us with His Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit guides us to derive our confidence and strength from our Lord to face the challenges of this world.

The verse ends by saying “At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore.” Jesus is seated at the right hand of God. Unless we accept Lord Jesus Christ as our savior we cannot dwell in God’s presence. This world offers numerous solutions and meditations to resolve your problems. Those are temporary solutions that if you resort to it once you will be tempted to return to practice them, which will eventually leave you helpless and weak. Jesus said in John15:5 that apart from Him we can do nothing and V.10 says that if we keep His commandments we wll abide in His love. Following this Jesus says in v11 “I have told you this so that my joy may be in you and that your joy may be complete.” Hence if we meditate in His word and obey His commandments our faith in Him grows.  God takes pleasure in our obedience of His word.

Thus His joy will abide in us and we can be assured that the fullness of our joy comes only from His presence with us.


Sr. Beena Kurian