EDITORS DESK – June 2024


“All things are possible to him that believeth” Mark 9:23

Sr Beena Kurian


Harrison Okene became the lone survivor of the overturned Jascon-4 tugboat in May 2013. Okene survived three days inside a capsized boat 100ft at the bottom of the ocean and as the temperature dropped to freezing, Okene, recited the last psalm his wife had sent by text message that night when she called him before he went to bed. He started reminiscing on the verses he read before he slept. Okene says ‘I read the Bible from Psalm 54 to 92 sometimes called the Prayer for Deliverance: “Oh God, by your name, save me. … The Lord sustains my life.” I started calling on the name of God and sang many church songs.’ Okene remembered to call upon the name of God, believed in His Word and therefore, experienced his deliverance. He is now a certified deep sea diver.


We see in Genesis 39 of the Bible that Joseph was imprisoned unjustly and in Daniel 6, Daniel was thrown into the lions’ den. Both were gifted with the ability to interpret dreams. Nowhere is it mentioned that they were sad or afraid. Instead, the prison keeper and the king saw God’s favor and mercy upon them. This is because even while imprisoned, they continued to call upon the name of God because they had faith that God would deliver them. From the above mentioned chapters of the Bible we see how they declared the sovereignty of our Almighty God and were elevated to positions of high privilege before the enemies who afflicted them. This God of our ancestors is in our midst even now and He said He is the same yesterday, today and forever.

There are such trying times in our lives too and it is very unlikely not to be overwhelmed by fear when one is trapped or imprisoned. We may be misunderstood or ignored or even isolated by friends and relatives because of our faith in Jesus Christ. Additionally, our prayers may seem unanswered. What are  we to do during such circumstances?


First, remember His deeds of the past. There is nothing impossible for our God as is evident from the scriptures and the testimonies of people around us. Therefore, we need to keep on believing God’s Word and never be moved away from what we see or feel. Even though the fulfillment of God’s promise may seem impossible, we are expected to remain steadfast in our faith by calling upon His name and declaring His promise (His Word) into our situation.

This period of isolation will be the best experience of our lives when we realize that we have no one to pray with or for us. It is a hard time but it brings us into a new knowledge of God, stronger faith in His promise, a disciplined prayer life thus confirming God’s deliverance is at hand. It is indeed a joyful period when we trust that our loving God will bring into fruition His purpose for us and it will be marvelous before the world. Prov:16:7 says “when a man’s ways pleases the LORD, He makes even his enemies to be at peace with him.”


Make every effort to increase your faith in God by hearing His Word for Rom 10:17 states “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God (Good News about Jesus Christ).” The Bible also assures us in Rom 10:13 “Everyone who calls on the name of the LORD will be saved.” God waits patiently for our spiritual growth and as we build our faith in Him we are molded for His promised purpose for us. He guides us in the right path. As we wait in faith upon our All-Powerful God, we can confidently believe that He will raise us up to stand upright before those who afflicted us. Our God is the Sovereign One who fulfills His promises and delivers us.