EDITORS DESK – July 2024

When you lie down your sleep will be sweet Prov3:24


Sleeplessness or insomnia is the result of a range of issues which could be related to our loved ones, work, health or any stress from others or our own words/actions. Lack of sleep leaves us worried and irritated as sleep is akin to peace. We’ve seen babies and little children sleep sweet and sound.  The question is if we can be happy even if we cannot sleep well.  God wants all His children to have sweet sleep i.e. to sleep secure without being anxious about tomorrow. The verses preceding the above instructs us to acknowledge the wondrous works of God done through His wisdom and knowledge. As you lie down, remember them and praise God for who He is.  Whatever may be the reason that makes you restless, know that God is your heavenly Father who watches over you and provides for your needs. He gave us His Son Jesus Christ to redeem us from every darkness in our lives. When we accept Jesus Christ as our Savior and praise our Lord for all His goodness we feel secure and realize that we are no more in any fear or anxiety.  Seek God’s wisdom and discernment which are contained in His word for every decision you need to take and He will lead you to peace. Amid our busy schedule we need to make time to read His word because God promised He would send forth His Word and deliver us.  The Word of God is Jesus Himself and He speaks to us and comforts us through it.

Being unable to sleep could also be God nudging us to spend time in His presence. We ensure to be meticulous in our daily routine but how often are we concerned if we neglect our quiet time with God.  God waits to hear from us and speak to us and He has various ways to beckon us to be in quiet communion with Him. When we feel sleepless, God must be prompting us to examine ourselves to align our attitudes and desires in accordance to His will. Ps63:6 encourages us to meditate on God through the watches of the night. This means to focus only on our almighty God throughout the night when all around is quiet.  Therefore, the next time you cannot sleep or if you wake up at midnight, don’t be worried. Consider it as God’s desperation to commune with you. Kneel down and thank and praise God for His unfailing love and kindness upon you. In these quiet times surrender to God and He will reveal His purpose for you, fill  you with His Holy Spirit and it could also be a time when God answers your long awaited prayers.  He assures us to rely on His strength, protection and provisions caring for everything that concerns us. In His presence you will feel His peace that transcends every circumstance surrounding you. You belong to Him and are His beloved. His presence within you calms every restlessness and fills your soul with peace.  As the Psalmist further adds in 63:8 you will feel His grip on every situation of your life and you are secure within His strong arms. “For Yahweh will be your confidence” and He will give you rest from all your burdens.

Sr Beena Kurian