EDITORS DESK – Februrary 2024

“I am the …lily of the valleys” Song of Solomon 2:1

Sr. Beena Kurian


We are familiar with the lyrics “He is the lily of the valley; …..He is the fairest of ten thousand to my soul”. Ever wondered why Jesus Christ said He is the Lily of the valley? A valley, we know is a low lying area of land between hills or mountains. Encyclopedia describes the lily of the valley as sweet scented, white bell shaped flowers that hang low on long stems of the plant.

In the book of Exodus God explains to Moses and the children of Israel that the promised land of Cannan is also a land of hills and valleys. This is interpreted that God was letting them know that though it is the promised land, they would have to face ups and downs in their life i.e. good times and bad times. There are times where we feel absolutely in control and all is well and there comes times where things seem to be falling apart leaving us low and depressed. We all have been through the valley experience and it has definitely taught us to calm down, reflect on ourselves, understand it is a testing ground, seek God and grow stronger spiritually.

Imagine after a long trek uphill, you see a valley full of flowers. The beauty of that sight definitely brings joy and peace to our heart.  Jesus Christ’s comparison to the lily of the valley is a description of His nature of purity, humility, generosity, strength and peace.

During our low times when we are bereft of family and friends we ought to look up to our resurrected Lord. At such quiet times we are reminded of God’s love and realize that His presence has been with us encouraging and comforting us through our struggles. God makes us understand that He won’t allow a difficulty unless He has a purpose for it.

The white hue of the lily flower is compared to the holiness and purity of Jesus Christ (Rev19:8) and though He knew no sin His blood was shed to wipe out our sins so we would be made pure and worthy to stand before God. Jesus Christ heals our soul of all thoughts of judgment, selfishness, pride etc and when we experience His presence in the valley of our lives, He helps us to flourish. This unconditional love of our Lord leads us to sing confidently ‘He is the fairest of ten thousand to my soul’. It is said that one root of the lily plant can produce about fifty bulbs. We need to be rooted in God’s word which is a lamp to our path and radiate His light to win souls for His kingdom. Col1:10 says we have to be fruitful in every good work and increase in the knowledge of God by meditating on His word. If you see the lily plant you will notice its flowers hang down from tall stalks. This denotes the humility of our Lord, which He withstood even unto His death and as explained in 1Pet5:5 the more we grow Christ-like, God gives us the grace to be humble. God is our pillar of strength and we are chosen by Him to emanate the fragrance, humility, beauty, fruitfulness and holiness of the Lord among those around us who may be going through a valley experience. Therefore, be encouraged blessed soul and know that the valley is a temporary place. Let’s seek the Lord while in the valley because He is faithful to shower on us His blessings of favor and restoration and place us on higher ground.

By saying that He is the lily of the valley, Jesus Christ has assured that He is with us to strengthen us in the valley so we could emerge victorious and reflect His nature. Our presence anywhere should honor and glorify the Lord.

Eph 5:2 “Walk in love as Christ also has loved us and given Himself for us.”


Sr. Beena Kurian