Anointment of the Holy Spirit – Part 2


“And I will pray the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever.. ”  John 14:16

In the previous edition of the Chronicle (Apr 2023) we have understood that all three persons in the Trinity are God Himself. God and His Holy Spirit worked through Jesus Christ during His lifetime on earth and revealed the works of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. We also know the importance of the Holy Spirit in us. Following the above, it is essential to know how the Holy Spirit abides with and upon us.

The Holy Spirit with us

Our soul gives us self conscience which reveals our personality/identity. The soul performs in 3 levels:

1) Intellect  2) Will  3) Emotion

Soul can influence either the spirit or the physical realm of an individual. God’s Holy Spirit in us wants to connect us with God. Therefore if our spirit gives importance to the Holy Spirit we will reflect the fruit of the Holy Spirit in our lives. Our soul manifests the acts which are our intellect, will and emotion and these reveal us to the world. The spiritual nature of God is reflected through us if we allow God’s Holy Spirit to control our soul. Our soul gives us self consciousness of worldly behavior and if we allow our soul to connect with the Holy Spirit we are blessed with the strength to nullify our self desires.

Advantages of the Holy Spirit with us


  1.  John 14:16 “…..with you forever” Matt 28:20; John 4:4; Ps 23:4;The Holy Spirit in us makes us realize that we have someone with us i.e. the Holy Spirit is with us and reveals the presence of Almighty God with us through our self conscience. Our Lord Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand of God interceding for us while God’s Holy Spirit is with us here. God’s presence should go with us and this is our confidence to go ahead in the world.We ought to walk in the way of God as His presence is our victory. We only need God’s presence with us.
  2.  John16:7&8 – Jesus told His disciples that more than He was with them, it is better for us to have the Helper who would come at His departure. The Holy Spirit with us makes us – (a) conscious of sin, (b) of righteousness; and (c) of judgment. Believing in Jesus Christ makes you conscious of sin and of being saved. (Num22:21-41 – the donkey blocked the way of Balaam in order to acknowledge God’s presence). For a man to be saved all the 3 personalities of God play their respective roles.
    1. Consciousness of sin makes us realize the reason for the crucifixion of our Lord Jesus
      Christ and we surrender our lives to Him. Jesus Christ said nobody goes to Him unless those who were chosen by His Father in heaven. The Holy Spirit with us draws us to God and subsequently works in us to make us conscious of sin. Therefore even before we were saved the Holy Spirit was with us to make us conscious of our sins and is still at work with us to keep us away from even the slightest wrong so that God’s peace remains in us.
    2. Righteousness means right doing in all things. Matt18:3 Jesus Christ says we need to be as innocent as children to enter the kingdom of God. Also Matt5:20 says that unless their righteousness exceeds that of the scribes and Pharisees they would not enter the kingdom of God. Therefore, there is a level of righteousness which is measured by God alone and the Holy Spirit makes us conscious of righteousness.
    3. Judgment – The Holy Spirit makes us conscious of God’s judgment. We ought to be confident of being taken up when Jesus Christ appears in mid heavens.
  1.  Another Comforter – The Holy Spirit with us comforts us because the Holy Spirit will not leave us. Our body works the physical aspect of it, our spirit works spiritually and the soul is between these and if it has to work spiritually we have to commit our souls to God’s Holy Spirit. Thus the works of the Holy Spirit would be revealed through us and not the desires of our flesh.


The Holy Spirit Upon us

(Acts 1:4-8) Jesus commanded them to wait in Jerusalem for the Promise of the Father. Baptism of the Holy Spirit means being completely filled with the Holy Spirit. (Ezek47:5) shows that when the Holy Spirit comes upon us we do not depend on our strength but allow the Holy Spirit to lead us. We are controlled by the Holy Spirit. And we experience real spiritual fulfillment. The joy is more than when your barns are full of grain (Ps4:7).


According to the New Testament an individual requires 3 Baptisms


  1. Baptism that unites one to Jesus Christ (Rom 6:3) – This happens when one is born again in Christ (1Cor12:13). A normal water baptism will not untie us to Jesus Christ. If an act would unite us to Christ, He did not have to sacrifice His life for us. We are made part of the body of Christ when we become born again.. (Gal3:28) It is the Holy Spirit that unites us to Christ. The Holy Spirit is the agent that unites us to Jesus Christ and we have the born again experience.
  2. Baptism in Water – The agent is an anointed man of God. (Acts8:38) Philip was appointed by God to baptize the eunuch.
  3. Baptism of the Holy Spirit – The agent is Jesus Christ. (John1:33) The Holy Spirit control us completely ie a spirit filled life. This is an overflowing experience. The word Baptism means “immerse” i.e. when a person is completely immersed in water. Likewise is a person who is completely immersed by the Holy Spirit has an overflowing experience, which is Baptism of the Holy Spirit.

For this reason Jesus Christ said it is to our advantage that He departs so that the Holy Spirit can come and be with us always.

Pr Juxy Mathew