Anointment of the Holy Spirit – Part 1

John 16:7-8 “Nevertheless I tell you the truth. It is to your advantage that I go away; for if I do not go away, the Helper will not come to you; but if I depart, I will send Him to you. And when He has come, He will convict the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment.”


The world has different opinions about the Holy Spirit. Chapters 14, 15 & 16 of the Gospel according to John in the New Testament of the Bible refers the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is the third person in the Trinity (Acts5:3&4). Jesus Christ is referred to as Lord by our heavenly Father and by His disciple, Thomas. All three persons in the Trinity are God Himself. God and The Holy Spirit worked through Jesus Christ during His lifetime on earth and revealed the works of God through the power of the Holy Spirit. In the Old Testament God, the Father dwelt and dealt more closely with man but that does not eliminate the existence of the Son and the Holy Spirit. After Jesus Christ departed from earth the Holy Spirit has been at work. (John 4:24).

God exists in the Spirit form (2Cor3:17) who cannot be seen with the naked eye and took the form of man as Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit cannot be seen but the world sees the Holy Spirit through us. We are God’s chosen vessels to reveal the works of the Holy Spirit who walks with us.

Man was created – As God is in three personalities, we are made in HIS likeness with 3 parts, namely Body, Soul and Spirit (1 Thess. 5: 23; Gen11: 26). Our body is made of dust but our soul and spirit were received from God’s own breath. All the 3 parts together makes man and makes him conscious in 3 different ways:

  1. Body – sense conscious
  2. Soul – self conscious
  3. Spirit – God’s conscious

In all of God’s creation only man has the freedom and with all three consciousness. Animals have both sense and self-consciousness.

Approach of the Holy Spirit to man

  1. The Holy Spirit with – Approach of the Holy Spirit to our soul gives God’s presence to our self-conscious (John14:16) – connects to the soul.
  2. The Holy Spirit in – the approach of the Holy Spirit to our spirit (1 Cor. 6:19).
  3. The Holy Spirit upon – the approach of the Holy Spirit to our body (Acts1:8).

As God’s grace chose us, God wants His Holy Spirit to be revealed through us.

The advantages of the Holy Spirit in us

  1. Reveals the truth that we are the temple of God and the Spirit of God dwells in us (1Cor3:16). From (Rev3:20) we understand the time God’s Holy Spirit begins to live within us. The Holy Spirit begins to live in us the moment we welcome Jesus Christ into our lives and that is the moment we experience salvation (being born again), which makes our desire for God increase within us. The Holy Spirit in us makes us God conscious.
  2. We belong to God. (Rom8:9) states that God’s Holy Spirit in us identifies us as of God and that we belong to Him. In Abraham’s time the people of this world were divided into 2 – one as Abraham’s descendants because they were circumcised and the other of the Gentiles. In the New Testament people were identified as God’s own and not of God. We are identified as God’s own when we have His Holy Spirit in us. (Eph4:30) reminds us not to grieve the Holy Spirit of God by whom we are sealed for the day of redemption. The existence of God’s Holy Spirit in us makes us eligible to enter heaven. God’s Holy Spirit does not remain with man forever as mentioned in (Gen3:6, Prov29:1). In (Ps53:11) we see David confessing and pleading God not to take His Holy Spirit away from him. This reveals that the Holy Spirit is in us despite our sin. But sin destroys our relationship with God. (Gen 41:38. Num27:18. Dan4:8, Is63:11) reveal how the characters referred above were categorized and identified as God’s own people before the world because of God’s Holy Spirit in them. The Holy Spirit of God in us will definitely raise us up when Jesus Christ comes again in mid heavens.
  3. Gives privilege to call God as Abba Father (Gal4:6) through the same Holy Spirit of His Son and bears witness with our spirit that we belong to God. Value the voice of the Holy Spirit of God.
  4. We belong to God. (1Cor3:16; 6:9) says we belong to God. It expresses God’s protection over our life and our responsibility towards Him. Satan has no authority over us.
  5. We have access by one Spirit to the Father – (Eph2:18) – We have access by one Spirit to the Father i.e. the Holy Spirit. The New Testament believer who has God’s Holy Spirit in him is privileged to enter God’s presence because God did not give us a spirit of fear. There is no difference between Jews or Gentiles.
  6. Helps to walk in His statutes. (Ezek36:27) – In the New Testament, our spiritual walk is not by our own strength rather by the leading of the Holy Spirit. We depend on God’s strength in our weakness. (Rom8:14)says God’s child is one who is led by His Holy Spirit and walks in His statutes.
  7. Develops Christian character. (Rom8:9) – When we become born again, the Holy Spirit in us connects our spirit to God and creates in us a Christian character and thus we reveal the fruit of His Holy Spirit.
  8. Glorifies God. (John16:14) – The Holy Spirit in us makes us glorify God always.
  9. Testifies Jesus Christ. (John15:26) – The Holy Spirit in us testifies Jesus Christ.

God desires to reveal His Holy Spirit through us. We need to identify ourselves as God’s chosen vessels to reveal His Holy Spirit. Therefore, we need to pray asking God to strengthen us to reveal His Holy Spirit through us.

Pr Juxy Mathew