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History Of MFGC

Jesus said to the people who believed in him;

" You are truly my disciples if you keep obeying my teachings..."

Those abiding by His words are His true disciples and the call of Jesus to disciple many unto Him was the reason for inception of Maranatha Full Gospel Church in U.A.E.

Memories goes back to November of 1983, when Pastor Juxy & Sis. Mercy, then residing in Satwa Sheikh Colony, was going through cauldron of problems of living in this distant and desert land of Dubai compounded with the burden of his wife's sickness. The circumstances made Sis. Mercy to seek God and attend regular prayer meetings held at Satwa Sheikh Colony. Pastor Juxy was not interested in prayers and prayer meetings and therefore went after worldly pleasures.

It was nothing but God's mercy and His unchanging love that Pastor Juxy agreed to accompany Sis. Mercy to one of the meetings. Many servants of God came together that day and prayed for Sis. Mercy. Prior to and while at the meeting, Pastor Juxy glimpsed through his past life, his want to achieve many things in life through self effort since his arriving Dubai in 1977. He sat pondering to visualize what he had achieved versus what he wanted to achieve.

While sitting there in that prayer meeting with a heavy and troubled heart, he heard a soft and still voice saying "My son do you want to be healed". It was a confusing question since it was his wife and not him that needed healing. He then suddenly realized that though the voice was strange, it was gentle and made him feel as if there was something significant in that question. Pastor Juxy replied softly saying "Lord I desire to be available for you from today" and from that moment onwards a personal and live relationship with God was established. Sis. Mercy experienced complete healing the moment this personal commitment was made by Pr. Juxy. From then on, the decision to live and work for the Lord was strong within him and been motivated to build upon the relationship with God and for fellowship.

Pastor Juxy received anointing of the Holy Spirit on May 3rd 1985 and thereafter he surrendered his life for His work and became active in the fellowship he was attending.

God put an understanding into his heart that water baptism is true and a must and that as per His commandment"whosoever believes and get baptized shall be saved". In obedience to the Word of the Lord, Pr. Juxy took water baptism on October 18th 1988.
The couples desire was fulfilled by the Lord by blessing them with 3 children.

It was Lord's promise to Pastor Juxy that He would enable him to start Bible Study and therefore Pastor Juxy waited at His feet without haste until the promise was fulfilled. Pr. Juxy prayed to the Lord to have three people come up to him requesting to start Bible study as a confirmation towards Lord's promise. The Lord raised three people, who came forward to talk to him about this and later as led by the Lord on Nov. 19th 1990, Bible study with 3 people was started. Thanks to God Almighty for the many people who got saved and baptized through this Bible study program.

Although Pr. Juxy went through the furnace of testing, God never forsook him and he firmly believed that "the one who called him was faithful". In spite of all the sufferings, God's grace enabled him not to doubt or murmur against God. Pr. Juxy strongly and firmly believed that the one who called him was faithful and that He will provide the right openings of escape from all trials and tribulations (1 Corin. 10:13).

Their 3rd child was diagnosed as having lung cancer when he was 2.5 years old and been shattered by the medical report; however, they trusted in the Lord and prayed for his healing. But on April 14th 1995, their son left the worldly home to be with the Lord and were comforted with the words of Job saying "God gave and God took, May His name be praised".

Pastor Juxy received Pastoral Ordination on January 14th 1994 during a fasting prayer meeting. On July 12th 1995, Maranatha Missionary Movement was registered in Bangalore and began functioning since then. Many came to know the Lord through this ministry and after many days of prayer and seeking Lord's guidance the Maranatha Full Gospel Church was formed.

Thereafter, Maranatha Full Gospel Church grew by God's grace and was registered as a Society in 2004. Today, there are MFGC ministry work in all major Emirates of U.A.E, Middle East, 15 cities in Kerala and North India. The associated ministries of MFGC including the Publications Division responsible for publishing "MARANATHA MAGAZINE" and the Audio & Video Ministries Division has done exceptionally well in spreading the message of Christ. On an average, approximately 450 worshippers gather each Friday at the Holy Trinity Church Complex (Main Church), Dubai for weekly praise and worship service. In addition, the church has a strong network of cell groups catering to the spiritual needs of all it's believers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, U.A.Q. and R.A.K.

Todays Quote
Behold, happy is the man whom God correcteth: therefore despise not thou the chastening of the Almighty

Job 5:17

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